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Moonstone Statement Choker

$ 348.00


The pinnacle of my arch series, this moonstone necklace is so truly covetable that it's hard for me to part ways with it. This arty piece is a revisitation of all the goodness of post-modern design, and in particular, the Memphis movement that began in Italy. Conceived as a multiway pendant, you can choose to feature the incredible blue flash of the best quality, hand-picked moonstone I could find in Tucson, or keep it to yourself and show off the confetti metalwork design on the other side. Either way, this piece brings the drama as it artfully circles your neck, and is sure to impart confidence and incite commentary. It's a showstopper to be sure!

Designed 2015.


+ hand-fabricated in sterling silver
+ best grade moonstone with exceptional flash
+ hand cut by a lapidary artist from Idaho
+ stone is approx 7 x 19mm
+ framed by arches and tube bail
+ hand stamped confetti pattern on back
+ pendant is 16.5 x 20mm
+ 16" (40cm) 14k GF neck wire with tube closure
+ heavy 14k gold vermeil soft semi-matte finish


Please note that I choose to feature witness marks in my metalwork; these are slight imperfections left by my hand tools or from the quirks of my process. I consider them maker's marks, finger-prints that reflect the genuine way in which I seek to design and make jewelry with soul and substance. My pieces are made by hand, perfectly imperfect.


Care info

Please see my FAQ for my gold vermeil guarantee & further information regarding materials, finishes, and their care.