double stone idol ring gold statement jewelry orange blue sculptural art jewelry by soft gold co metalwork by dianna gendron
Double Stone Idol Ring
Double Stone Idol Ring
fall winter lookbook soft gold co dead byrd vintage statement rings shag carpet dana broeker
Double Stone Idol Ring
models shag carpet modern vintage lookbook colorful art jewelry by softgoldco dianna gendron
Double Stone Idol Ring
statement gold rings jewelry by soft gold co metalwork by Dianna Gendron colorful vintage by Dead Byrd Vintage fall winter lookbook

Double Stone Idol Ring

$ 348.00


I have a beautifully handmade illustration of the Venus of Willendorf pinned to my mood board in my studio. She has been an inspiration to me since the days when I minored in Art History, and I wanted to bring her beautiful, voluptuous form into my work, and honor her. Hand-held, warm though made of stone, her ancient maternal form vibrates with feminine mystique, and it is perfect.

Designed 2016.


+ hand fabricated from sterling silver
navy blue 10 x 7mm natural sodalite cylinder 
+ large 22mm vintage orange plastic cabochon
+ sculptural uneven dot texture arc element
+ approx. 36mm high x 22mm wide
+ 11mm tall in setting
+ hand fabricated aesthetic
+ shiny finish with apparent maker's marks
+ half round ring band nestled into round ring
+ signature "benchmark" decorative line pattern 
+ "SOFT" arch tag on backplate
+ finished in (guaranteed!) heavy 14k gold vermeil or .925 sterling silver

Custom sizing

I would be honored to make this piece in your size! Turnaround may vary depending on several factors, and can range from 3-8 weeks. Feel free to email me at for more in depth information on custom orders, or just add to cart and leave me a note with your size & I'll be in touch!

Care info

Please see my FAQ for my gold vermeil guarantee and further info regarding materials, finishes, and their care.