Where have you been? What new work/new studio?!


What strange and difficult times my friends. I haven't been in a place where I have been at all public with where I'm at/what I'm trying to navigate personally in 2020 (are we going through it or WHAT), but I'll get there. I usually do. For now I'm in my shell a bit as I make some major decisions and deal with a ton of upheaval on every front. My webshop will be here, hanging out on the web, but as I move my studio I will be postponing orders for the next while. I have TWO backburnered collections good-to-go, (photoshoots done and everything!), and I cannot wait to share some dainty 14k as well as a new collection of my signature sculptural work with you. It'll be quite the gilded reopening party.

 In the meanwhile, you can always check in with me at dianna@soft-gold.co because you know I go off the grid on social. xx ALWAYS


How long is your order turnaround?


As a very busy, one-woman-studio, I try to be as transparent as possible about my turnaround & order volume. For in stock pieces, I try my best to ship twice weekly, but kindly allow 5 business days for your piece(s) to ship.

Custom and made to order turnaround may vary depending on several factors, and can range from 3-8 weeks. Feel free to email me at dianna@soft-gold.co for more in depth information on custom orders, or just add to cart and leave me a note with your size & I'll be in touch!

Should you require an expedited order, please let me know as I will always do my best to accommodate special gifting dates.


Do you offer free shipping? 


U.S. orders always ship free. International orders over $150 USD automagically qualify for free worldwide shipping. It's my thanks to you!


Which mail carrier do you use?


Domestic / orders ship via USPS & include insurance.

International / orders are posted via USPS First Class International.

+ Customs fees, duties, & taxes incurred are the sole responsibility of the buyer. +


When will I receive my package?


Domestic / Free ground shipping is a 3-5 business day service. USPS Priority Mail usually arrives in 2-3 days. You will receive a tracking email when your order ships.

International / USPS First Class International packages may take anywhere from 7-20 business days, depending on customs. You will receive a tracking email when your order ships, which will include a customs number. As per my insurance, I cannot take action on "missing" items until at least 45 days have passed. 


Do you offer expedited shipping?


Please contact me at dianna@soft-gold.co if you require a faster shipping method or international tracking.


Is shipping insurance included?


Domestic Priority Mail parcels are automatically insured for $50. For my own peace of mind (and yours!), I insure packages valued over $100.

Please contact me if something has gone awry, so that I may work with my 3rd party insurance to resolve the issue. As per my insurance, I cannot take action on "missing" items until at least 45 days have passed. In the thousands of orders I've shipped around the world, I've only had to take action twice, so while undeniably frustrating, a pinch of patience can do wonders!

Does turnaround include weekends?


My turnaround times are measured in business days. I've learned the hard way that I can't work around the clock, 24/7...it only leads to breakdowns and creative burnout. My studio hours are M-F, as I aim to provide myself with a healthy live/work balance, which keeps me both on-the-ball and inspired. That said, I've definitely been known to make a Saturday morning run to the Post, and answer an email or two. :)


What's your refund/exchange policy?


My policy is pretty simple: I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY.

All of my work is handmade with the utmost care. I want you to love the Soft Gold piece you have chosen, and I strive to be as descriptive as possible about all of my work. I urge you to read descriptions and measurements carefully, and to contact me with questions prior to ordering.

If by chance you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me [dianna@soft-gold.co] within 7 days of receipt so that we can work something out. Sometimes I make mistakes, and sometimes things don't fit. It happens! I'm happy to make adjustments to pieces should they be needed (and where possible). Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, unless other arrangements are made. For U.S. orders, I'm happy to send you a discounted return label for convenience; just ask.


Can you tell me about the materials you use?


RECYCLED .925 STERLING SILVER /  I choose to use eco silver in my pieces, recycled and made in the USA. All gold-vermeil pieces are hand-fabricated first from eco silver.

14K GOLD-FILLED / Made with a substantial layer of gold (1/20th total weight) bonded to a base metal core using heat & pressure. Can be soldered and handled similarly to solid metals. The downside? Many metalsmithing techniques would expose the base-metal core, and so its use can be somewhat limiting. With care, gold filled pieces will last many years.

14k GOLD VERMEIL / True vermeil is defined by U.S. law as no less than 2.5µ of gold layered over sterling silver. Vermeil is 50x heavier than standard gold-plating. Nickel-free. I'll stand by the quality of this plating, and will offer to re-plate should that ever be required of your piece.

HANDMADE & PROFESSIONALLY-PLATED / Meticulously made by hand before plated by professionals with a long history of working with jewelry artisans. This is NOT the "gold flash" plating you might have in mind. Instead, each of my pieces is finished with a minimum of 2.5 microns of fine karat gold, which is always nickel-free. I'll stand by the quality of this plating, & will offer to re-plate should that ever be required of your piece. (I'll take it as a compliment if you manage to wear my jewelry so often that this should be required!)


How should I care for my Soft Gold jewelry?


Jewelry is by nature delicate, so please handle your new pieces with relative care. If a piece requires repair due to workmanship, please let me know. I will be happy to repair as needed, at no cost to you beyond return shipping.

To maintain the finish on pieces, I do not recommend wearing jewelry in water, while sleeping or when exercising. Storage in a cool, dry place is recommended. Steamy bathrooms...not so much.

STERLING SILVER / Silver will develop a patina; it is its nature! Pieces can easily be brought back to a bright sheen using polishing cloths (I'm partial to the Sunshine brand).

14k GOLD & GOLD FILLED / Microfiber is a great all-around cloth, but gold and gold-filled pieces will gleam if polished with a Sunshine cloth.

14k GOLD VERMEIL & PLATED / Microfiber cloths are the best, especially those with a very smooth weave. I do not recommend using polishing cloths impregnated with polishing compounds on vermeil or plated pieces.

STONE-SET PIECES / Gently clean with a microfiber cloth.


Any tips for figuring out my cuff size?


To ensure a custom fit, wrap a measuring tape or length of string around your wrist, to determine circumference. If using the string method, measure the string with a ruler. :)

As I add to this measurement to accommodate the gap in the cuff, a snug measurement is best. Six inches (15cm) is average, and suits most women.


How can I determine my ring size?


The best way to get a precise measure is to go to a local jeweler and have them size you. Otherwise, I would recommend purchasing a metal ring sizer, to get the most accurate measure (and to ensure confident online purchases in the future). As a measurement, it is very hard to accurately DIY, and the apps and printable ones online are largely unreliable.

Bear in mind that your knuckles pose less resistance to thin stacking rings, so for skinny rings I tend to recommend sizing down 1/4 to 1/2 size in comparison to wider bands and statement rings, which need to be a touch larger to fit over knuckles.

Know your international size? You can determine U.S. equivalents using this wiki chart.


Do you gift wrap?


While all Soft Gold pieces come ready to gift in custom boxes, I am happy to include a card with gift orders. Feel free to leave a message in the "Note" section at checkout, including details for any special message you would like for me to include with your order. Gift addresses can also be specified at checkout.


Why soft gold? What's the story there?


The sculptures I made in art school were very mixed-media, a combination of design and textile and large-scale welded steel forms. When I started tinkering and teaching myself jewelry making, I rather assumed my work would combine some sort of textile with metal, especially with my background in handbags. When I moved into metalwork and metalsmithing, I continued to identify with the name, shifting its meaning to focus on the nature of gold. Softness is a measure of purity. Soft gold is pure gold. Gold in and of itself is too soft to wear as jewelry; it must be alloyed, it needs added to. My mixed-media approach to materials and design does just that: it adds my own, personal emphasis to pure gold.

You can read more about my story here.


I have a question not covered by your FAQ...


I'm happy to help! Feel free to email me [dianna@soft-gold.co] or contact me here anytime! Sometimes I'm out of the studio at the weekend, but I'll get back to you ASAP.