Hi, I'm Dianna.

Dianna Gendron Soft Gold Co. jewelry studio

I'm the maker, designer, and creative behind Soft Gold Co, a made-by-hand line of modern, art-inspired, design-centric jewelry. Grounded by minimalist metalwork and inspired by unique materials, I strive to make objects that resonate, pieces you'll love and wear and make your own.

My aesthetic is rooted in a high regard for the basic tenets of design; I draw endless inspiration from form, line, color, texture, hue. I seek visual balance and respond to cohesion and awkward juxtaposition alike.

I'm inspired by our physical world: by architecture, object design, urban landscapes and textures, but also my inner world, that place where intuition, memory and sensitivity to materials guides my process of play at the bench. I find this inner inspiration leads to pieces that reverberate with their need to be extant, pieces that embody my gratification in having made them. The process of moving an idea from concept to physical object–figuring out how to make it work–that's what I'm in this for. The problem solving. That's where I get my pleasure and satisfaction: the first time a piece comes to life.

While I don't disregard the power of an "aha" moment, for me it's truly about reaching that almost meditative place where my creative process takes over, everything else drops away–time, sound, my surroundings–and what's left is flow. It's about getting to that place where I'm so present in my making that the present falls away and I am free. It's hard to describe, but it's the epitome of euphoria for me. It's the place I want to go whenever I sit down to make, but that doesn't always come. You can't force it. As such, when it's there, it is magic.

It's my raison d'être. My muse.

My path to jewelry designer was a circuitous one. I studied graphic design and sculpture and then picked up and left for Europe. I spent my 20s in Italy, where I learned to live in the moment and for the moment. I followed my heart fully (if not always my head). I lived a life both fast and slow. It was fearless, it was romantic. It shaped me.

I have always been after a certain kind of freedom, ever seeking a life without rules and boundaries, one contrary to convention–unique, open, malleable. But there was something missing from my life in Florence. I worked in the handbag design studio of a major multi-national fashion brand...and I learned all about the type of things I absolutely did not want to make.  I was only putting a fraction of myself into the world; I was making nothing, creating nothing of real substance. After a time, it was clear I was more hollow than whole; my freedom was limited by all that I wasn't doing. And it hurt. I returned to America and I changed that.

I came back seeking something else, a more true and genuine form of fulfillment. I wanted to make. I needed to make. I started Soft Gold in my sister's garage in the Fall of 2011 and opened on Etsy in the spring of 2012.

Soft Gold was born.

These are the materials–tangible and not–which drive me to create work and be the muse of my own life. Making jewelry is my passion because it melds so many of my passions: design, process, problem solving. Most of all, it allows me to shape my present and my future with my own hands. It has given me a new freedom.

I hope you find something in my work that speaks to you. Because then your story joins my story, and I'd love that.


I'm honored that my work has been featured in print + online by LuckyMag, Miss Moss, Creature Comforts, CraftyMag, Et Pourquoi Pas Coline, designlovefest + more. Air kisses! Thank you!

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