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peach button pearl arch pendant gold necklace softgoldco modern jewelry
Pearl/Gem Arch Pendant
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Pearl/Gem Arch Pendant

$ 124.00


Blind arches, half circles, button pearls, gem balls! I was looking at a lot of modern architecture and post modern compositions when I designed this necklace. I wanted those influences to be apparent, but the end result to be understated and classic. The elegant luster of the freshwater button pearl offers a lovely subtle contrast to the otherwise modern setting and fresh-again ball chain. The gemstone ball version is more graphic; the stone sphere anchors the arch while seeming to float, balanced beneath the setting. It's interesting what such a small change in shape can bring to the overall design and feel of a piece.

Designed 2014.


Pearl Pendant
+ cultured A-Grade peach button pearl
+ 6.5-7mm button shape
+ pendant approx. 15 x 9mm

Gem Ball Pendant
+ round 8mm gemstone
+ choice of malachite, sunstone, lapis lazuli
+ pendant approx. 18.5 x 9mm

+ pendants hand-fabricated in sterling silver
+ 18 in. (45.5cm) long 1.5mm ball chain
+ 14k gold fill or .925 silver chain
+ spring ring clasp and "SOFT" charm

Care info


Please see my FAQ for my gold vermeil guarantee & further information regarding materials, finishes, and their care.